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You are angry at him for something therefore I don't think you were ready to get back into a relationship with him. You need to find forgiveness for him and heal before giving someone a second chance otherwise you are just gonna torture him like you are.

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My advise is .. Grow up and stop playing games with this guy.  What exactly is it you you want him to do .. Kiss your feet, beg for your attention, hover over you?

I'm not sure what your history is with him .. Or for that matter any love related relationship .. But, either you … Read more

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Men are pretty straight forward, they usually say what they mean, they don't mind read, or interpret feelings.

"Do you want to go out?"

Means "Do you want to go out?"

If you want to go somewhere go.

Men don't usually date people they don't want to be with.

Stop listening to all the drama … Read more

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let me add more-

Its the smallest things that send me through the roof. Things like i feel as if he never wants to see me but yet hes asked twice and both times i havent gone to the group hang out and i dont know why. I regret not going bc i want to see … Read more