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I must say there's no financial benefit you can earn. BUT, if you don't do recycling, you're paying for it. Because resources are wasted and less and harder and get. It's a simple rule that things are valued when they are rare, like a panda.

Perhaps there're some organizations paying for your recycling.

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I know how you feel. As a girl, I am going to give you some advice.

1. Ask yourself if she likes you back (If that is a definite no I'm sorry)

2. If number 1 was a maybe once then you are golden. Don't be cocky and think you are hot if you aren't. Go … Read more

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If you want a promotion in the workplace, no matter of your ability or salary, finding the job that helps you learn and improve is the biggest factor to engage a career or an industry. Before that, figure out what you like to work on for a long time, even for lifetime.