Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Yin and Yang's question

I was seriously concerned some 40 years ago that I had mushroom poisoning.  I looked it up in the Merck Manual and decided I didn't really want to know if I did because it was apparently almost invariably fatal.

It was eleven days before I was able to eat again.  Fortunately, I could drink water without … Read more

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang answered Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely's question

I use to LOVE them! Jalapeno poppers, chopped ones in tuna, eggs, burritos, nachos, everything! The spicier the better! I recall being a teen and eating flaming hot Cheetos dipped in jalapeno cheese and putting a jalapeno slice around each bite.

Now I LOOK at a jalapeno and my gallbladder gets angry at me!