Dark Majinn
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Poor coping and the old "Dog and Pony Show" for early release.

A lot of addictive personalities are based 50% in genetics . . . The other part of this equation would be the ability to cope or not to cope. Many people who end up in prison have had bad childhoods, and poor role models. … Read more

dragonfly forty-six
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I would think it would be easy to find God if I had nothing better to do but sit in a cell and hear myself think. Over time I might think I hear God, because that has to be who it is because I have very little brain input going in. Besides finding God would … Read more

Walter The Grump
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Here's a viewpoint from a former correctional officer. Going to religious "call-outs"(as we called them) is time out of their cells. It's more time to meet and converse with friends and/or fellow gang members. At one time it looked great when an inmate "found God" and became a Christian when up for parole. Some states … Read more

Didge Doo
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Despair, I should think, Otis.

Religion is also used as a ploy by some to persuade parole boards that they were safe to let out into society.

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) who "found God" in prison and now helps out with chapel services and counselling has applied for parole 15 times without success. He continues … Read more

Pepper pot
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Often it due to the Chaplin. The Chaplin is a person that prisoners can talk to in confidence. This may lead to a want of turning their life around or being forgiven.  I also know members of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous go into prisons, and their programme is based on a belief in a higher … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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Heaven and the "kingdom of God" are not necessarily co-extensive in the way that we might think based on our current experience.

If there is a transition process undergone by those who go to heaven after this life, I suspect any corrections and additions will be a part of that process.

Christ did suggest we not speculate … Read more

Michael Poland
Michael Poland answered

Depending on your perception,

This is heaven and hell.

All human's are basically the same,

just the resepticals are different.

Dark Majinn
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Many people believe in "Church Doctrine" which differs from what the Bible actually says . . . So, there are denominations that believe heaven will that perfect "Version" of you. Whether that is someone who was born with arms and legs now has all four appendages . . . Or Wheelchair bound now walking . … Read more

Cookie Hill
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Those whom Jehovah God chooses to live in heaven with him are not humans. The Bible teaches this at 1Corthians 15:50, "But I tell you this, brothers,flesh and blood cannot inherit God's Kingdo." All those who are going to heaven will be spirit persons a form of life higher than humans.

Dark Majinn
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Ezekiel 25:17

β€œThe path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and theRead more

Ancient Hippy
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Everyone gets a white gown, wings, a halo, all of their limbs back, a Porsche, jelly beans and pockets of gold.