Gator Blu
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It is impossible to be happy all the time. Life is filled with ups AND downs. You have to learn to deal with the downs. Learn they are a temporary state. Figure out what needs to be adjusted so you can move and not dwell there.  They help us learn to appreciate the ups so … Read more

The Z.
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An unassociated presumption on a misapprehension.

If Jesus is the son of God, which  God? Christian dogma proclaims that would be Yahweh, aka the God of Abraham; there is no accounting in Hindu beliefs (nor any other faith other than Christianity) for Jesus being the scion of any of their deities.

Lord Shiva, as found in Hinduism, … Read more

Dark Majinn
Dark Majinn answered

From a couple of things he has said, I am unsure if he believes in Jesus. If he did, it is unsure as to what extent in regards to the classical definition of Jesus being the son of God as well as one of the three personalities of God.

He seems to reject organized religion … Read more

Just Ice
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Do we really need religion?


Do we really need audio cassette tape recorders? At one time there were so many to choose from, but now nobody sells any. The demand [need] for them has vanished  because the role they played has been taken over by better more reliable equipment.

But religions are still here. In fact there … Read more

David Johnson
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May I ask you where you studied? I am thinking about the writing an essay about studying in your native language and in English. That would be really nice if somebody told his own story. When the paper is ready,  I think I will turn it in Marvelous essay service to have it proofread. I … Read more

Sudo the Dragon
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So I can kill him for he is a fake god, not just fake but evil, cast down Lucifer just because. It does not matter that he killed a whole lot more than Lucifer during the flood. The dragon gods of fire, water, wind, and land made the world, the final overseer I guess you … Read more

Cookie Hill
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No we do not need any false religion, which has caused so much hatefulness and suffering. People need to know what the true religion is and how to practice it, because it means our life. 1John 2:15-17, "Furthermore,the world is passing away and so is its desire,but the one who does the will of God … Read more

Twallgirl Wallace
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The bible tells us "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need".  Whether we want to believe it or not their is a higher power, our creator. We exist because of him. I do strongly believe that their are too many religions in the world that exists solely to mislead everyone away from the  one … Read more