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To my mind, people inevitably select their own morals. Whether influenced by beliefs, culture, or our own ambitions, how we behave toward others is a product of what works from our own perspective. Morals in practice are an ongoing exercise of reward over remorse, of social acceptance over rejection.

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I don't think humans like the thought of seeing something horrible happen to someone else because of empathy, in thinking about how they'd feel.  Of course this excludes psychopaths because they do not feel empathy, so if they are in charge of countries then we are screwed.

That said, humans have over the years identified … Read more

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There are several factors that play into people's morals and where they get them. Family, friends, life experiences, and some from religion. I also fully believe one's mindset and personality come in to play. I supervised many inmates who grew up in stable, loving, well of homes who's parents were wonderful, and the inmate was … Read more

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I don't believe we can. Given the current corruption of our media, and the dysfunctional government agenda with its too-deeply entrenched political partisanship, there is little hope of any overhaul sufficient to right the ship. It would mean not only sweeping out the old guard of Congress, the inept Executive Branch and the doddering, useless … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Dismantle it.

Do away with the entire federal district.

Use technology to require the representatives to have offices in their home districts, and meet in a secured online "chat room".  >  This will empower the People, and diffuse the power of Lobbyists.

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Hardly. But this is with a lot of issues like crime for example. The only reason we assume people are dumber and that there's more crime in society is because we are able to be aware of things through technology that we haven't before. Crime is actually at an all time low in all of … Read more

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"No you can't say that you have to say intellectually disabled"

"there are 63 genders"

"Black lives matter because white people are privileged and this is a white only society and we are oppressed and the white people were to blame *a little bit later* hmph you are rasist you can not make fun of … Read more