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It means he thinks his girlfriend is a troll and he wants her to come along and crawl back under her Bridge..Duh!!!!

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Monera is an biological kingdom.the Monera kingdom are the most plentiful out of all five kingdoms. The first kingdom was of bacteria.The second division of the blue-green algae.It recently considered the Prokaryote kingdom.The Monera was too diverse of a kingdom is considered as a single kingdom.

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Hi, You want to speak English. Nowadays there are so many institutes available for spoken English course. So you can search through the internet, your nearer institutes and visit them otherwise you visit The English Lingua,which is a Delhi’s premier academy for teaching communicative languages.  Really I got benefitted by this.Thanks a lot.

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"au" it's a preposition of place, it depends on the context, so it can means : At, and to.

Example : Je vais au cinéma ce soir. = I am going to cinema tonight. And J'arrive au marché très tard = I arrive at the market very late.

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"La" can be a pronoun and an article as "the" but is female, as in French there are female and male article.

Example : J'aime bien la rose que tu me l'as offerte. = I like the rose which you offered to me. So the word "la" in this sentence, it can either be an article … Read more