Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Mountain Man's question

Any posted limit 55 and under---yes.

Freeways around here are 60 to 70.  Depending on the other traffic, I may drive up to 70 in the 60 zone.

Years ago (before the "energy crisis") I was driving in a state with a prima facie sped limit ( which at the time meant "as fast as you want").  … Read more

Walter The Grump
Walter The Grump answered Mountain Man's question

In town I absolutely drive the speed limit. On the highways it depends on how fast traffic is driving. One good thing where I live is if you're going ten over on the highway you won't receive a ticket if everyone else is going the same speed. I usually go five over on the highways.

Jennifer Eva
Jennifer Eva answered Society Scars' question

The Most safest place in this world is Dubai. Recently I had traveled to Dubai on a Yacht provided by Medwaves Charters and the crew members in it just informed me about this fact. I have also read on Google that Dubai is 99.1% crime free place on this Earth. Best Place to travel.

Nealious James
Nealious James answered hey cameron's question

Hi Cameron! I know that it’s the home of vampires and that Dracula’s castle is still located somewhere in the country. I am not sure if that’s a real story, but it’s indeed quite spooky. I am pretty sure that this attracts a lot of curious tourists. It’s a cool place, do visit it if … Read more