VetustIor Humo
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I suggest you get your hands on a New York news paper and check out rental rates etc you will get a good idea of the high cost of living. Renting an apartment you will need the first month's rent, a month's security deposit (some places two months), a cleaning deposit. Plus you will need … Read more

Wesley Crusher
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In a little plaza in front of my gym there's tiny hole in the wall restaurant  about the size of my bedroom run by a Japanese family. The husband is the cook, the wife and daughter take and deliver orders. It's dark, old, dirty, and smells like stale soy sauce sometimes. Your order comes out … Read more

Janis Haskell
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Most people who visit Southern California miss seeing the Huntington Library in San Marino.  It has a wonderful museum, which is the home of  the paintings "Pinkie" by Thomas Lawrence and "Blue Boy" by Thomas Gainsborough.  The gardens are gorgeous, and a lovely high tea is served in the Rose Garden Tea Room.

PJ Stein
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There is this small seafood restaurant off the side of the highway not really near much of anything, and it is set back enough that people drive right by never even seeing it. All the locals know about it though. The food is awesome and they make a special dish that has 5 different cheeses, … Read more

VetustIor Humo
VetustIor Humo answered Joy Twain's question

About a half mile down the river, built on the river, is a small "mom and pop" restaurant. It started out as a bait and tackle shop for local and visiting fishermen. Then the Mrs, started providing free coffee and little pastries for the customers in the early mornings. After many customer suggestions she started … Read more