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When i think of it now, there arent actually many things that ive broken but in my childhood , i did break something many times which could be considered expensive, and is extremely loved and also not easily available where i used to live, it was , jars of Nutella, i broken them so many … Read more

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The longest-lived people in the world live on an island in Polynesia. They are VERY poor, on the edge of starvation, and live in shelters that do little more than keep the sun and rain off.

But they do not seem to be particularly unhappy, and they do live to an average of 87.

Making them wealthy … Read more

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No amount of wealth can offset being unhappy with oneself. No sum of money can cure poor health. No dollar figure can fix a broken family. Period. End of line.

Challenges will always present themselves in life, money is a great resource, but is not the answer to every problem; rich people can be some … Read more

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I have friend who married a pro wrestler. Life was good and she had money. They had two children. When her daughter was 3 years old she became very ill. They rushed her to the hospital. While treating the child they accidently gave her the wrong dose of medicine. She started seizing. Her daughter was … Read more

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Life is hard for those who are rich. They just have a different set of problems.

Once you have money you must keep making it at that level. Also trust would be an issue. Who cares about the person or only likes them for what they can give them. People have been murdered over their money. … Read more

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Actually I just googled it and the pics look so yummy but the one I was served at school , it didn't have any veggies and it was horrible , it wasn't even like noodles or anything and they said it was chopsi ( didn't know it's pronounced as chop duet)