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Kids picking on my kid! Stupid little brats pick on her for everything! Sad thing is... Is I teach my kids to be nice to everyone. She is the poster child for "love your enemy!" I can honestly say, my kids are better people then me in my old age!

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I gave up chasing my dream career, so my husband can have his. In all fairness, he has given me a wonderful life, and we have never been separated for more than a few months at a time. If I continued on in school, it would have meant living separately for three to four years, … Read more

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there have been a quite a number of selfless things ive done but i can mention one of them here...

i once lended my newly made friend in a new school some money to buy lunch coz she didnt have money.

i am a huge saver and the smallest spender so ever since my teacher told me … Read more

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since shes going away, something that'd remind her of you would be great, how about a necklace, a nice floral bracelet with hanging flowers , dolphins or other things, a choker, a ring etc!