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HPL is hygienic for its inner structure and density,especially for its surface.Plus,if you wanna apply them in the hospital,antibacterial HPL will be more welcome.Actually,it is a kind of special board that could resist most bacteria.

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In general, all HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and its ease of cleaning. ARPA's SILVERLAM HPL has a special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the quantity of bacteria by 99%.

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Too much procrastination and this might lead to disciplinary action on the employer's part, as they hired you to perform certain duties.

Find out why you are procrastinating: Do you understand your assignment, do you have the necessary tools to complete the assignment, are you waiting on someone to do their part before you can finish … Read more

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Something else you might want to investigate: Attention Deficit Disorder.

ADD people tend to procrastinate.  We tend to prefer constant high levels of stimulation to function at a high level when we have a project to do.

Procrastination is usually risky to some degree and that added stimulation works well for us.

The techniques in other answers above … Read more

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I'm with all of the above.  I have the horror of seeing a man next to me in the restroom.  Enough

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Traditionally, from the days of post war political alignments, China and Pakistan maintained friendly relations and India and Russia were similarly linked. 

These days, it's all about trade. I'm sure that the connections above still exist at a political level, but India with its powerful economy, much bigger than that of Pakistan, probably has more … Read more