Does it make you mad that some people use Blurt It as a tool to get answers for homework?


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sansa stark answered
Not at all as any QA site, not just here, but Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswers  are valuable sites for coursework. That's why they have categories for these things.
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I usually show them how to get it it once, then I make silly mistakes on all the ones after the first one. The thing that annoys me is the helpful inflation on here.
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Taylor Brookes answered

I don't mind if people ask generic questions that might have something to do with their homework. For example, if they are doing a report on Martin Luther King, and they asked what year he was born in - that's okay. What I do find annoying, though, is when they just type the whole question, like this: Your friend is part of district volleyball team and often has to miss classes. His teachers and parents are unhappy about this and have asked him to quit sports. With your partner, discuss what he should do to to resolve his problem. That is a real question taken from Blurtit's 'homework' topic, btw.

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Darling Divaa answered

It doesn't make me mad but the kids should be doing their homework on their own or maybe in a library, they do still have those don't they? 

If there is a "homework" category on this site I think it should be taken off.  If kids let strangers help the get answers on their homework, what do they end up learning? How to get around doing their own homework is what they'll learn. Not really learning if you ask me!

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Bevin Dorm answered

No, I just skip past them, if they need help, then they need help, and if they can find someone on here to help, why not??

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