Do You Think Blurtit Is Addictive?


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I think it depends on your personality. If you really need people to appreciate your advice and check your profile every day for your ratings, then you could be marginally addicted. Some people just like the fact that they could be helping others, then it's not so much addictive as being a nice person.

I know some people are here every minute of every day - I think they're addicted.

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It could be.. Is this the only thing some one dos is answer questions. How could this be addictive. I need more talking.just answering their questions isn't really all of that I don't think.
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Oh yes it sure can be , I love being here and on other sites like these , and  I just like making friends and helping others
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Yes I think it is. But Blurtit helps you learn. Especially if you have a question about something. You can also use it to get to know other people's personality.
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For me, when I first joined to this website, it was really really addictive! But now, I don't have much time and I'm used to blurtit.. So it's not much addictive now.
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That's different for different people! If you are new here and haven't seen such a site, then yes it may get addictive or else if you're not such a caring person and just come for to many websites to pass the time then I guess you won't get addicted to it!

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I deffinatly am hooked. I love this site. Viva blurt it!

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