How should I go about drawing attention to what I write on Blurtit using Google+?


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Noah Green answered

It's actually quite easy.

  1. Head over to that column to the right and click on the share tab.
  2. Select Google+ and then follow the typical Google sharing process.
  3. Make sure when you share it, you send it to a group that would be interested in it. Other than that, it'll just look like spam, and spam turns people off big time.
Hope this helped.


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Noah Green
Noah Green commented
You should if you believe that the majority of those in your circles would find it helpful or take advantage of it, but that's just my theory. You can do what you wish :)
Melinda Moore
Melinda Moore commented
I don't want to annoy anyone by posting to them stuff they may not be interested in, though, so am grateful for your advice - thanks!
Noah Green
Noah Green commented
No problem, Mel. Thanks for a great question. ;) Keep em' coming.

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