What is something that everyone thinks is true, but is actually a myth?

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Bats are not blind. They can see almost as good as humans (some breeds, even better than us. especially at night and day)

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You can see the Great Wall of China from space !

THE MYTH: From the cold nothingness of outer space, the only visible evidence of mankind is China’s huge wall — which can even be viewed from the moon.

THE TRUTH: Even from the relatively low orbit of the International Space Station — about 173 miles above sea level — the Great Wall is impossible to make out. From the moon? Forget about it. This decades-old myth occurs in old school textbooks but was actually disproven by one of China’s own astronauts, Yang Liwei. You can, however, see the pyramids from space. If you squint a bit.

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If we could get everyone to agree on ANYthing it'd be a miracle. Even so, there are lots of things that were widely accepted until they were proved wrong.

We were convinced that the world was flat and stationary, and that the sun, moon and stars pursued each other across our sky each night.

Then science came up with the Round Earth theory which was much closer to the truth, in that it accounted for the apparent motion of the heavenly bodies.

Then in 1817 Baron Karl Drais Von Sauerbronn invented the modern bicycle and almost two hundred years of cycling have allowed us to modify the Round Earth theory for, as any experienced cyclist can tell us, the world isn't flat, it's all up hill. (And every wind is a head wind.)

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It is flat ! lol
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Great pic, Rooster. I'm gonna save a copy.

When I was working in the Sydney CBD there was a flat earther who, for years, set up a stall on a corner near Hyde Park. On his stand were the deeds to two blocks of land which he offered to give to anybody who could prove to him that the world was round.

Those deeds were never at risk for he had the same "rebuttal" to every argument -- whether from science, logic, mathematics, or space photography. He would simply say, "I don't accept that."
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Santa Claus. Little kids think he exists.

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Cats drink milk.

They will drink it , but cats are naturally lactose intolerant and should not be given milk . They do make a milk that you can buy that won't hurt your feline friend .

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Thanks, Sheldon. My cat likes tuna water too. When I'm opening a can of tuna he goes ballistic. He can't wait.
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Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! I wrote you under me too! It's great to see you!

Claire~ My wonderful wise and funny friend, are you spoiling Petey again??? Between you and Sheldon, you must have the Hap Hap Happiest Kitties walking the planet!

It's super- hugely-dooper GREAT to see and hear from both of you!!!
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Pete is a spoiled baby but he deserves it. He is the BESTEST kitty in the world.
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Coffee is made from beans.

Well, actually, it is not.  Coffee is made from seeds. Who knew? I didn't until about 5 minutes ago!  It's amazing what you can learn on the internet.  Point of reference:  35 False 'Facts' That You Wrongly Believe (And 1 That You Should)  www.whatculture.com/offbeat/

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Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho!
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Purrr! Purr! Hellloowwww out there my kind mathematician mothe, Claire, and her watchful gallant cat, Petey, who protects her with his watchful eyes.... How are you????
Huge Smiles are accompanied by Happy happy's all the way around!! A little sweet tuna juice for Petey too!!!
Thank you for the greeting. I haven't been here... or very much anywhere for months because of life surprises on this side of the computer... but it is great to see you as always! I hope to see you again soon! Happy happy and pats!!!
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My one and only Ren and Stimpy friend!!! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Back to you!! You crack me up!! I'm glad you remembered. Then again, between you and me, it is our secret handshake.
Being the cat guru in my life, how are your furry friends doing? I've missed reading your insights about the critters. :) :)
I'm sure they are living in the lap of luxury and talking to you about everything and anything! When I figure out how to be on Blurtit again, I'll be back more often. It's been a while. Thanks for giving me a great greeting. Happy happy and Pats to your kitties too! :) :)
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Myth: You grow taller when you jump more. Truth: It does not depend on that. It depends on the gene you inherited from your parents and a little bit on the environment you live in, whether you have enough food or not. 

Myth: The humps of camels stores water. Truth: It stores fats. 

Myths: Lamps in parallel circuits shine less brightly than in series circuit. Truth: Lamps shine brighter than series circuit as each lamp receives the same voltage. 

Myth: Europe is at the north of the Earth. Truth: Europe is at the South of the Earth as the map we always see, even those that NASA have taken, is intentionally flipped so it suits what humans have always thought for a long time. The idea came about when people from the West thought that they are better and should be on top of the Earth, North, but they are wrong, but since this idea has existed for so long, we just keep to it. (I think so, I watched a video and it said that) 

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I find this one interesting.

Myth: According to the Christian religion, Satan rules hell.

Reality: In Revelation 20:10, it says that Satan will be "thrown into the lake of fire..." and "...be tormented day and night forever and ever".

Myth: To avoid dehydration, drink water.

Reality: Actually, drinking water is the worst thing you can do, besides dehydrating yourself even more. When you sweat, you not only lose water, but also plenty of nutrients. Drink some milk, or eat a fruit.

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My lif has all been a lie...
Bikergirl Anonymous
Never heard that one about hydrating with milk instead of water).. but I guess it does make sense considering milk does contains the ingredients that are directly required for body functions (like water, salt and sugar).. however, to an extreme case of dehydration milk may 'curdle' in the stomach causing severe cramps.. where water wouldn't. 

True the body loses nutrients necessary for bodily functions .. but water (h20) is what is required for organ function primarily brain function. The fastest way to hydrate is to drink water (with salt & sugar) Water provides hydration for the brain, salt helps the body to hold onto the newly introduced hydrant so that it doesn't pass through the kidneys too fast, and the sugar replenishes the carbohydrates needed to also help aid brain function ... There are commercially bottled drinks that help to replenish fluids (that are primarily made up of water, salt and sugar).
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Milk was only a suggestion. The best thing to have is some watermelon, because it will rehydrate you better than water.
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I think it is an angle that every kid are thinking that at night angle will come and sing a song for kids. But it is not true at all.

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Many people believe that there are certain products that can
prevent split ends, but this is not the truth. There is no remedy other than getting a haircut.
However, there are hair oils and serums that can help to improve the situation.
I think that a lot of myths
are related to the beauty industry.

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