How many people are on Blurtit?


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I'll start the sound off:

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It's clear that nobody has taken your question seriously, but that's not surprising. There are too many factors involved.

For instance, and I'm not alone in admitting this, I'm a schizophrenic. So Good Didge and Bad Didge (check my halo and horns) are both here, but should I be counted as one person or two? And what about all the other schizophrenics?

Or those suffering from multiple personality disorder? How would you count those?

Then we have to factor in the Spiritualists who may bring their spirit guides with them, and the Christians who may be moved by the Holy Spirit. And if it's the same Spirit for all Christians would it be counted as one presence, or one each per person?

I suppose the best way to answer your question is to say there are googols (no, I didn't mean Googles) of members but we're a pretty friendly lot.

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