Hi all! I'm relatively new here, and I'm looking for ways to be a better member. I saw that asking questions is encouraged. What kinds of questions are the most interesting or fun for you personally?  Humor?  Community sharing?  Research and knowledge inspiring? 
Any suggestions about my participation are welcome too.


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Nice to have you with us, Uh Huh, but your question beats me, too. Some people are great at turning out interesting questions. Others, like me, just plod along and rarely ask any.

I'm only answering this to stay in touch with your question to see if I get any useful suggestions from it that I can use myself. :)

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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You give excellent answers. I may find myself on the "answer" side as well. I enjoy researching, and usually just go look for myself.
Although, this question lead to some interesting thoughts.
Tom  Jackson
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Thanks, Uh Huh
Didge Doo
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Good answer, Tom. As always. I share your experience in that the occasional question I asked on Ask.com was mostly ignored. I threw them in occasionally but they weren't well received.
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I rarely ask questions but I love answering almost any kind of questions. Some of my answers are serious, some are snarky and many of them are comedic. Most of the questions that I see here are of things that I rarely think to ask but often wonder why I don't think of them. There are tons of interesting questions that keep me coming back. I always enjoy reading your posts, whether they are questions, answers or comments.

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I try and ask questions about current events, movies, some trivia and history events. I don't ask a lot either but I usually try to come up with a few that might take time to answer. Best way is to think of things you may know but aren't sure of and then ask for different opinions. Blurtit is a community site and you're a valued new member. Take your time and enjoy yourself and it will come naturally to you in time.

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You cant really aim you just have to talk, meet, ect. With people. It will come naturally! I like any random q/a here and in my opinion Blurtit is more enjoyable cause its not a constant competition. Like, yahoo answer  and quara. Now people just hit a few keys and post useless crap for the points. (not here)

I been with y/a  about 7 years now and It literally destroyed itself slowly by gaining points people just type anything without caring about each other. And they refuse to give you "comment alerts" so evertime I go back its usually waste of time. Am I suppose to check back and forth for if the OP even saw my comment? Cant stand when a long discussion gets suddenly forgotten.

I could not believe me eyes reading some of what the level 7 users had posted! They dont even care now either!

Anyway - Enough about yahoo!

Check out it was my 1st or 2nd question I made here: http://www.blurtit.com/4460972/what-is-the-community-like-here-what-sort-of-people  (there are some good answers there)

Welcome aboard 

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I like to engage people on some of the deeper layers.

Sure I like reminiscing about the latest "Walking Dead" episode, but I really like the pursuit of knowledge. Those things that give us all our different world views and perspectives are fascinating to me.

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