What are some ways, if any, that Blurt enriches your life? (Hopefully for the better...)

One of my own stories is the YouTube video someone posted here on how to cook rice. The chef took a fresh ripe tomato, and set it on the rice in the middle of the cooker. 

Well it was like a light bulb went on; so now, I put in all my fresh vegetables, two Hebrew National Beef Franks, and a can of tomatoes along with the rice. Very wholesome, takes five minutes, plus easy cleanup because the rice cooker is non-stick!


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Ancient Hippy answered

I've gained many, many friends from all over the world and I've gotten some pretty awesome and tasty recipes.

I've learned a lot of patience too. I can finally sit back and let this old mind stew about something before I open my big mouth.

Stormy-Lynn Calvert Profile

Well, yesterday I learned the difference between the House and the Senate! I also learned that there are a few sites where you aren't attacked for giving your opinion. :)

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Yin And Yang answered

The laughs by far are my favorite. Also the personalities we have out here are meshed very well. We have such a great bunch of people.

It is like enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend every morning.

It is like opening a letter from a friend every afternoon.

And it is like going out on the town with a bunch of friends come the evening time.

But when it has all been said and done, I think the most memorable has to be the heartfelt relationships we have accomplished with one another.

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PJ Stein answered

The friendship and support from the blurtit community is by far the best. I also learn many things from questions asked.

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Pepper pot answered

Somewhere to go that often makes me laugh. I learn something new every day, I envisage us like a big brain and each one of us is a neuron. It is fascinating to speak with other people from different parts of the globe and get to know their characters, and share a little part of each others world, in doing so it gives you a gain a more well rounded view of life.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I learn something almost every day and enjoy watching people impart their knowledge of things to others. I've been here a few years and have learned quite a lot about people from all over the world and it's great. The strength of blurtit is the wonderful people who make up this great community. We may not always agree about things but everyone keeps the peace and makes our job that much easier. I thank all the great people for being members. It's changed my life being around so many wonderful and knowledgeable people.

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Yin And Yang
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We couldn't succeed without you. I agree about the differences of opinions and yet still keeping peace. Some of my best friends on here have very different views then I do but the peace has allowed me the privilege of seeing their hearts and their hearts are bigger then any difference of views we have. It is amazing what you can find out just by being peceful.
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Get out of depression and learn something new everyday and friends and sell or give away shine

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Yin And Yang
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Otis, this site would not be the same without you. You bring a joy only Otis could fill.
Virginia Lou
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Y&Y, I have thought the same thing...Otis you are such a delight, and yet with the limitations from your health problems the online community means that we have the joy of your company.
Yin And Yang
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Didge Doo answered

Your keyword is "changed" but I would have preferred "enriched" which would have made the question easier to answer.

I guess I've changed by being in touch with so many people from so many places. Being able to interact like this gives us all the opportunity to get to understand people of all levels in a way we couldn't do without otherwise spending time in their countries. So I'll opt for being more tolerant.

I guess we all change a little when we get into discussions with people who share different ideas, too, so there have undoubtedly been some changes there.

But basically I just like coming on a chatting with such a wonderfully diverse group of people whose backgrounds, education, and ages, bring a variety of ideas I might not otherwise have considered. I enjoy your company.

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Virginia Lou
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Hi Dozy, I actually never did get the question in a form I was really happy with it...my experience is the enrichment also, however I was hoping for a form that also invited constructive voices of any concern that might be out there?

I may at some time try the question in a different form, if I ever come up with a good one...and anyway, people so far are expressing the enrichment.
Didge Doo
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I haven't forgotten that email I promised the other day. I have a sticky note on my desktop to remind me. Not quite sure how to write it, or what to include. I'll get around to it soon. :)
Virginia Lou
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Dozy you already know I don't want something like that to cause you to feel pushed, or tedious...I always enjoy corresponding with you irregardless.
And so if the stories happen I will love it, and if they don't I will still be happy to hear from you whenever!
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Jaimie JT answered

Blurtit has enriched my life by : 1) giving me a place to vent with out any " real" life consequences :p

2) Makes me laugh almost every time I log on :) laughing is awesome:)

3) the friendships I have made on here are cool' as ....this is one of the only places online where I feel people are mostly authentically themselves and very accepting of others beliefs ( which is rare online)

4) I've learned random things like  Americans have an aversion to the letter U ;)  ( I didn't know that before)

- the best way to peel a banana is from the bottom

- and just this morning I learned you can paint rabbit poop red with sparkles and make a Xmas wreath out of it ...I'm not gonna do that though :/

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Ancient Hippy
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Awesome. If you're really Kate Upton, then I'll buy you a pony and watch you gallop along.
Jaimie  JT
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Perfect :) she .... I mean I look good on a horse ... I saw her ( me ) on a horse on a video game commercial once so ... Please fedex my pony to "future wife of Lenny in delusional town , Canada. " :p your cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter :p
Ancient Hippy
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The Pony is in the mail.
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Call me Z answered

The landscape of intelligent discourse with others in a community format has become too diluted, too polluted in this age of Facebook and Twitter. A fog of superficial blather, and ceaseless selfies, memes and pleas for attention. Massive gigabytes amounting to nothing.

I value exchanging ideas with the small but diverse group who frequent here, though I don't personally know them, there is an inviting sense of incremental discovery. The anonymity of this format allows us to reveal ourselves in thought, at our own pace absent other petty distractions. I find this hugely rewarding; to confer thoughtfully on topics with strangers who are willing friends from afar, who won't ask me for money, show up uninvited, or presume to waste my time.

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Enriches my life .. By allowing me time and space that I otherwise wouldn't be allowed. A format in which to connect with some very special people .. It's a opportunity to help and be helped...and that just makes me feel good.

And for that, I thank you all .. My Blurtit family.

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