Is everyone ready for Easter?


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I'm so ready for Easter !! I'm going to niagaria falls and we have a 2 room suite facing the falls and a dinner reservation at a place I've always wanted to dine at with an amazing view as well.  Theeeen back to our room with with a jaquzzi tub .. IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED ! Lobster .. Wine ... ROAD TRIP !! A room with a view and lots of ummmmmmmm .... Chocolate ;)  I love Easter so much  now :))) SO MUCH !!!

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HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
I got my ticket!!!
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
I hope I didn't ruin a surprise!!!!
Jaimie  JT
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Ohhhh wow yay !! That is a big surprise... Unfortunately I was just watching the morning news and apparently they're shutting down Niagara Falls for renovations Easter weekend. They're turning the falls off and everything ( the Canadian side is controlled by a giant tap ) *sigh * maybe next year sucka's :p
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Ah, yes, the Resurrection.

Cause for celebration !!

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Yes, the
original Easter or Eostre was a pagan holiday of Germanic origin.  It has ties to spring time, Eggs, and Hares

The First
Council Nicaea of in 325 AD Decided on the date for celebrating the concept of
the resurrection Easter.

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No. I dread holidays anymore. I have to do two families dinners and frankly that is just too much running around and too much food. And hosting it myself doesn't really help because my mother-in-law freaks my family out. My sister-in-law says she reminds her of the mother of the girl in the movie Carrie.

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Nope. Now that the kids are older, I don't really do a whole lot.

My mother-in-law sent me an Easter itinerary and I went running from the room. I'm trying to get out of going, but my hubby seems like it would mean a lot for me to go. So, I'll do it for him. He never asks for much, so I'll plaster that smile on my face and be grateful I have somewhere to be.

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Cindy  Lou
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Hopefully it will be bearable at least.
dragonfly forty-six
Hey sweet. I haven't been doing much socially since Scarlett died, but it was the itinerary that did me in. Oh my, but I'll go and have a good attitude about it. Focus on the little ones.
Cindy  Lou
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That would have done me in too. My daughter knows just to say the time it begins and the time it ends of what we she invites me to Then I can handle it-usually .
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Yes, we are very much excited for the easter celebrations. We have
planned a family outing and a dinner party with friends and also we are
planning to gift a palm tree leave with easter gifts.

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