Is anybody ready for Christmas?


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Break out the fruit cake, it's time to party!!

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Oh boy, Christmas. My second most hated holiday of all time after halloween. I could go on for ages about how much I hate Christmas and I will. Because I have nothing to do right now. As much as I loathe--*Coughs* I mean "love" getting crap presents and having to set up a tree for no reason and having to decorate my house and getting millions of pointless gifts from my relatives which I have no idea what to do with..And have all my relatives who hate me over at the house as I have to sit next to them because I need to take care of my sister and she's playing with them downstairs for a dude who I don't care about who was crucified for some reason. I hate it. Also, I feel like murdering the people who send me gifts in mail and I have to write the same "Incredibly pointless thank you note" to the person who sent me the gift for the 89th time. Oh and did I mention the pointless crap Christmas songs. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.

Rant over.

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Oh. I forgot to mention that now every single holiday on the planet has turned into an excuse to sell cheap merchandise.
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Well I found this all to be very enjoyable, satisfying ranting, and I enjoyed reading every one of the posts in this thread.
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AA, I'm with you 100%
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Megan! I will not be celebrating Christmas this year. I am just not in the
mood! I also have lots of things to do this December and will, hence, be very
busy. Not having to think about preparing dinner, doing the decoration, and
buying gifts is an absolute relief to be frank! The situation will certainly
not be the same next year!

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Not at all ready.  I still haven't gotten my "War on Christmas" uniform out of mothballs yet, and then I have to have it dry cleaned.  You don't want to man the anti-Christmas barricades smelling of moth balls. 

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