Would you consider someone who posted question after question on the same subject, all worded practically identical, a spammer? Or, is a spammer just someone who posts links trying to sell something?


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Sometimes I see them that way and try to take off multiple questions about the same subject. Usually when we see this going on, we just delete the questions and then message the person about it. Most message back nicely and the ones that don't are usually spamming.  We also do our best to remove the links and leave some of the questions even though we know that person was promoting something. But we only let the repeating questions go on for so long before we take any action. Feel free to message DS narfolk, Angela Anthony, or myself if you see this happening and we're not online at the moment. We read and answer all messages.

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I think that's a spammer for sure.  Some of them try to be "cool" by changing the words a bit .. But it's usually pretty obvious they're pushing something specific. 

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
7 pages of questions about wearing unused plastic garbage bags as clothe looks like a spammer to me. It's as bad as the 'I only want nice people to answer' questions. :)
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Answering "Orange Beach Alabama" on every question.


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Here, we sometimes get someone who posts supposed links........posts them many, many times in a row.  Really like it here but why that kind of absurd spam is allowed escapes me.  Personally, I'd prefer to tolerate speech that I find objectionable rather that the spam of some immature fool. 

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