Are all these "Anonymous" questions by the same person/company, or is Spam-it that popular with the spammers on the net? When will it all stop?


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I hope it stops soon or I'll be looking for another Q&A site. It seems that reporting with the new spam button doesn't do much to help if no one is working to delete them.

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They are at least all the same company Everything goes to the same website . It's getting old. Something else that bothers me is, why did we change our names when there are new non real names joining?

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The paying advertisers must be getting pissed.  You'd think THAT would get Blurtit's attention.  Actions show true values.  When the paying advertisers start to jump ship, perhaps the moderation will begin. 

Another aspect of no moderation is how rarely Topics gets updated.  If a visitor posts a question, it often isn't visible for us to answer for two weeks or more.  We are losing traffic, because there's no point in coming back to a site that gives no response.  Traffic brings profit. 

Our frustration is beyond measure.  There are only words of appeasement, no action.  It's why we don't feel valued, despite our loyalty.  We'd like to welcome new members.  We appreciate the paying advertisers who make this site possible.  We care.  It's why we continue to futilely click the Report Spam button.  Spam is destroying this site, not the frustration of the members.

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Just went back to Ancient One. Let the chips fall.

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