Why would I get a red flag for using offending words when their were no offending word in my answer, no swear words, nothing that could be derogatory to any race, color, creed, religious belief, or sexual preference! But, yet I get flagged?


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It happens. I just close Blurtit, come back in. Answer the question.

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The language filters are wonky sometimes. I know they wouldn't let Rooster post an answer with "dirty" in it....go figure. Just try to re-word things Kop....it won't let me post the name of a backyard game called corn_hole

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I just gave you a comment regarding this, and its been erased. I have a lot of patience, but I'm a bit upset. I took a lot of time writing that comment regarding an answer I gave regarding of all things a Hawaiian funeral ritual, that has the word of the hand held object that you use with a ping pong. See what I had to do! I can't even text out the word. I'm so mad, I'm texting in run-on sentences.

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Well at least I'm not alone. I met a lot of great people on this sit, maybe I'll take a few weeks vacation and then make a decision then.
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36 hours. It's just a glitch. It has happened to me a couple of times. As I said I closed the app and return.ūüźę
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It happens all the time Mr Kop. The other day it wouldn't let me use jac kass in a Donald Trump question I got around it by splitting the word. It also happens with many innocuous words. The same solution applies.

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This happened to me recently when I tried to post a verbatim excerpt from the New Jersey state law regarding "maintaining a lane."

I just copied a few "explanations" from the above answers:  language filters are wonky sometimes; just one of those things; happens all the time; weird filter; and just a glitch.

Suppose the doctor comes into the waiting room and says your friend just died and then comments something like: things go wonky sometimes; just one of those things; happens all the time; weird  operation; just a glitch, or perhaps the ultimate explanation---sh*t happens.

OK, doctor, I feel much better about my friends death.

I like Blurtit, but if I had to pay to be on here, I'd expect the equivalent of stockholder rights at the annual meeting.

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