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Do you get jealous easily in relationships? (can be any type of relationship. Friend, family, SO. Etc.)

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Jealousy is for children and I'm 47 years old.

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No, I do not. I found this quote from one of my favorite poets very interesting.

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Didge Doo
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Love Maya Angelou. I hadn't heard of her till Virginia quoted her on Ask.
Veronica Dultry
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She was lovely. It made me sad when she died last year. One of the reasons Virginia and I bonded on Ask.
Because of my past, I am very biased about jealousy. Won't tolerate it in any form. It was nice to find a quote from her that made me think. Hence why I found it interesting.
Sane Mori
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That's really nice c:
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No. Jealousy, to me, signals insecurity. I do not want to be around people I don't trust, therefore, I don't put myself into situations that could cause me any negativity. If you feel jealous of someone, you should examine why that is and is it healthy to continue to be around that person.

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Not hardly.

Mrs Didge enrolled in a massage course in the 1980s and she hit it off pretty well with one of the guys in the class. They spent a lot of time, either at his place or at ours, practicing on each other and, naturally, became good friends.

One night at the class one of the younger, single women said, "It's good to see a married couple getting along so well together."

To which Mrs D replied, "Well, we're married, but not to each other."

And the other girl, somewhat flabbergasted, said, "Hey, this marriage mightn't be such a bad deal after all."

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Nah, what's the point! Men have eyes, they're gonna look, women have eyes also!!!!! It's natural to look and enjoy "sights" unfortunately, I learned the hard way about a jealous person and their insecurities in a relationship. Not something I'll ever put up with again, I'd rather be alone!

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Nope ., that, to me is such a huge waste of time and energy. I have no problem with my husband looking at other women .. He's married .. Not dead!

Have never been jealous of friends or family ... Again for the same reasons.

I have to admit I have been known to be envious of other people but that is not the same as jealous. I envy those who are spending time on a warm beach somewhere when I am toughing  it out at work .. For example. I still wish them well and that they would make a toast with their cocktail to the rest of us pe'ons who are stuck at work.

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I guess I am the odd ball here..... I like a little bit of jealousy. But my husband don't like it so I usually go with out..... :0(


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I hate jealousy. So never. Jealousy is a weakness. A negativeness and a failure. A two sided blade that cut others but cut yourself deeper.

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I don't know about easily but yeah ... I do get jealous... In my school, I have a crush on guy currently but the complicated thing is that he indirectly proposed me some months ago via his friend and I just shrugged and went away, lately after hearing good about him from my friend I've fallen for him. He goes in my bus , last year a new girl came to the bus and there was rumour That he likes her, tho my friend said he didn't I still believe he does, so gem tho that girl is now and sweet I secretly stare at her and try to find out what's so good in her lol! 😋 so yeah basically my heart is divided 50/50 b/w he likes and he doesn't! Hehe

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