Its national boss,es day ,national pasta day, and national edge day. So what is your favourite??


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I don't have a boss so I'll go with the pasta today. Can't go wrong there.

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It's very nice of you to set aside a day for our bosses, Otis. They're much maligned and often misunderstood. They're really very nice people who just want us to be happy.

In fact, there's an old parable about bosses that you might not have heard.

The organs of the body once took a vote to see who should be boss.
The legs thought it should be them because without legs the body couldn't go anywhere.
The eyes thought they had a better claim because without them the body couldn't see where to go.
The brain insisted it had the best claim because it was the only organ that could decide where to go.
And the backside wanted to be boss and everybody laughed.
So the backside went on strike and refused to function. Before long the brain got fuzzy, the eyes went dim, and the legs became weak, and they all agreed that the backside could be boss.
Which just goes to prove that although you don't have to be an ass to be the boss, it certainly helps!

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Virginia Lou
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Otis, I just gave Dozy the tenth star for this, too!
Didge Doo
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I've had one or two bosses who could have made the brain go fuzzy and the eyes go dim but most of them were ok.

My favourite was a guy in a Japanese company who once said to me (after I stuffed up), "If you ever do this again I will bring a ceremonial knife into this office and watch you ritually disembowel yourself." I loved the guy!
Virginia Lou
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Oh...that is so funny! Effective too...made his point...
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The people who have been my bosses have (usually) been exceptionally fine.

I love good pasta.

Edges, yes certainly, we need 'em...I will take everything you have today Otis!

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