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Ask.com awarded Hall-of-Fame members a free t-shirt. If Blurtit had one what do you think it would look like -- both words and graphic? Extra brownie points if you add a picture.


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I don't normally answer my own questions but thought this one might need a kick start. Here's my offering and, of course, it features the man who makes Blurt.it the success it is. (Thanks, Rooster. You're appreciated.)

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Special bonus points for showing front and back, Hippy. I thought you might have gone for a technicolour effect, though. :)
Ancient Hippy
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I was seriously thinking about tie dye but went for the plain white instead.
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I sort of like ancient hippy's take, but I always pictured the "Burltit!" icon as being frog like . . . Maybe is the similarity between "Blurtit!" and the sound a frog makes "Ribbit!".

Here is the adapted version of Hippy's picture.:

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Well Dozy, your own t-shirt idea is a hard act to follow...                                   But I am going with Maya Angelou here...as honorary designer for our new Blurt t-shirts...

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Mine would say something silly like.....


"I gave my advice on Blurtit.....


...... And all I got was this lousy T-shirt!"

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Well I am putting in my order right now, Y&Y, for one of your shirts!
Didge Doo
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Sounds good, YY. Shoiuld we add a yin/yang symbol?
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LOL! Virginia.... That sounds perfect! LOL! Hippy..... Yes that is the added special touch! YEAH!!!!! :0)

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