Is Blurtit shutting down?

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No - just a change of they way it is managed. The idea is that everyone has their opinion and the moderators only delete content that is against the terms of service (eg racist, insulting, bullying etc etc). So really they are just checking for content that isn't allowed not making any personal judgement.

The mods know the rules and it will be the same for everyone.

Thanks again to all our old mods!

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Didge Doo
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Thanks, Tim. I hope you can keep it going. It was an entertaining site to visit.
Maurice Korvo
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Does this mean that spam will not be deleted?
Didge Doo
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If you read a rather lengthy post by DSNarfolk two days ago (it's still in the chat column) you'll see that she says "the new peeps (sic) are just getting used to things and are sure to work differently and on different time zones to Rooster, Once they're on line it's quick to remove spam so don't panic if you see it."

I take that to mean that the site will not be staffed as comprehensively as before and, since the two new mods are to be anonymous, they may not even exist. If they do exist I can't see any reason why Tim and DS should not tell us who they are.
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It's usually hard to project the future, but if someone suggests you head to the communal showers, RUN

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No one knows i signed up at answermug and its a mess for me

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Didge Doo
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Lots of people said the same thing about Blurtit when we transitioned over from Ask. It's just different, Otis. It'll take a couple of days to get used to it.
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Answer mug has a couple of very politically outspoken "muggers" that I have been taking the low road to make their point. I have been ignoring them as much as possible hoping that the lack of interest would make them give up and go away. It seems others are doing the same.

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