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Do you like underwear?

10 Answers

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

I do!  It makes me feel better in my clothes if I have nice undies.  (Kinda silly, I know.)

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Nope ! Every since the Army and those starched and scratchy things they give you. Only when I have to now and I still don't like them much.

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I wear it all of the time unless I'm wearing my kilt.

Ravin Local Profile
Ravin Local answered

Depends. Who's wearing it? Some look goood in it, and some not so much. 😜

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

I am partial to it, yes. I try to wear underwear that looks really good even though very few people are going to see it ;)

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered


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