Ally Gh

Do you think some websites are better be blocked or filtered? Or do you think everything should be out there in public?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

As an adult ... I should be able to go to any website that is legal.

Obviously, there should be legal restrictions on websites.
EG: Things that are illegal "in real life" should be illegal online, as well.

And if parents or organizations wish to place filters on their computers to block/filter websites ... That is their right, since they own the computers.

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Didge Doo answered

Some web sites would be much better filtered but if you start with that, where do you stop? And who makes the rules? It's one of the weaknesses of the Internet that unpleasant people can get away with posting unpleasant, even inflammatory material.

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Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
I agree with you. In a country like Iran where I live, they filter any website they don't like and they can simply get away with it with a ridiculous reason! I think they are not in the position to make that decision for people. Needless to say, we use anti-filter softwares and we have no filterin in practice but still they make an effort to block us out
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
It's good that you can do that, Ally.

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