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First thing I recommend for when someone drops their phone in water is to leave it in a bag of dry rice overnight, perhaps even into the next day. If that doesn't work, then it means that there was some damage to the hardware itself.

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Well I have never been out of Iran due to a stupid mandatory military service which doesn't allow male citizens who haven't passed their military service, leave the country. I dropped out of University two months ago after almost three years of studying without getting my PhD! And next saturday I will be starting my … Read more

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It would depend on my sister's age. If my sister was really young, I might be worried about the influence of this friend on my sister. I would also consider my sister's maturity in handling difficult situations. If my sister were 25 and the friend was about this age, I would be less concerned about … Read more

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As an adult ... I should be able to go to any website that is legal.

Obviously, there should be legal restrictions on websites.
EG: Things that are illegal "in real life" should be illegal online, as well.

And if parents or organizations wish to place filters on their computers to block/filter websites ... That is their right, … Read more

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Some web sites would be much better filtered but if you start with that, where do you stop? And who makes the rules? It's one of the weaknesses of the Internet that unpleasant people can get away with posting unpleasant, even inflammatory material.