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Do you think that the phrase "correct opinion" is an oxymoron?

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Yin and Yang answered

Well I did until i read Aria's answer! WOW! Very insightful!

The oxymoron I always remember when I think of oxymoron is "living dead."

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Aria Broeka answered

Maybe more a misnomer than an oxymoron.  These words dint have opppsite meanings, they just arent quite right together    And ocymoron would be more like 'factual opinion'.    Generally speaking you might say opinions are neither correct or incorrect.  But depending on whom you are talking to and the opinions presented, some may consider them correct or incorrect.  In some settings only certain opinions are accepted as 'correct'.

You:  Thats what i think.

Person: Well, you're wrong! 

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Lilly Gray answered

A 'correct opinion' doesn't really make sense, but I wouldn't say it's an oxymoron. It's like saying 'true fact'. A fact is always going to be true, if it's a real fact. So...? I reckon it's just worded badly

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Darik Majoren answered

Depends upon your point of view . . . From mine, my opinion appears to be correct to me, thus I hold it as such.

To you, your opinion appears to be correct to you, and you regard it as such.

Say we have the same opinion . . . Then both would be correct to either one of us. Even if they are wrong, we receive confirmation bias from each other, and seek out other "Like Minded" individuals to further reinforce our opinions/beliefs . . . The more we can acquire "like Minded" individuals the more CORRECT our opinion/beliefs seem . . . Until one day the sheer number of our group helps us to maintain our beliefs since they cannot possibly be wrong . . . look at all of the people that agree with . . . ME.

How can I possibly be incorrect?

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