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It's munificent. A word that should be used more often, I think. Yes, munificent is your word of the day. Use the word munificent in a sentence. ( gee, whiping my brow...I just used it 3 times ☺)?

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A munificent donation was made to the charity.

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When a cyclone swept through her city, Maimie -- an escort with a big heart -- organised a group of working girls to donate 25% of their earnings to help those people whose homes had been damaged. Word of their generosity went viral and when Faberge heard about it they created a new perfume in their honour. They named it Munifiscent.,

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DIDGE!!!!!!!!! How are you my friend!?!??! 😆
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Hi, both. All's well in Oz and thank you for asking. Hope all's well in your bailiwick, too. Things are looking much better here than before.

It's already tomorrow in Australia so you got my April Fools Day answer.
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I have missed you my friend!

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