I'm an insecure 18 year old girl who's trying to love herself but just can't..any suggestions on how I can start? 😧


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Counciling may help. Sometimes getting an "outside" opinion or view helps you to see why you have insecurity issues. Sometimes just saying it out loud helps. Sometimes writing out your feelings helps. Keep a journal. Write a letter. Give yourself time. You need to find out why you don't love yourself before you can love yourself.

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Along with what Yin wrote, also set small goals for yourself. Start with one small thing. Once you achieve it, set one slightly larger goal. And so forth. With each accomplishment your confidence builds.
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Start a journal and write down things that you are proud of, things that bring you joy, things that you have accomplished no matter how mundane they may seem and also write down the things you are grateful for.  Read the entries once a month. This is your private journal. Keep it happy and positive.

Here's your first entry: I reached out for advice and got some that I am truly grateful for.

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a little lubrication, perhaps?!?


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