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Are you working on or have you completed any projects lately?

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I recently finished building a retaining wall with decorative block. It's about 16 feet long and 40 inches high. I could have used your expertise MM.

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YoWanna  Cook
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You are a very sociable person! You would be so fun to live near.
Ancient Hippy
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Thanks Yin. I have the "neighborhood porch" and there's always a person or 10 sitting out there. I always have someone to interact with. Wouldn't have it any other way.
YoWanna  Cook
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I wish we had neighbors like that... even ONE like that! You truly are a special guy. ☺
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I love writing. And just recently I have discovered I can write fictional stories! It's new to me and exciting. I have two so far! Does that count as a project if I stumbled across it accidentally? ☺

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If you are a homeowner, aren't there always projects? Lol

This week we put insulation on the inside of the garage door, trying to cut down some of the afternoon heat in there. I am also going to use the same insulation to make window shades in the RV so it stays cooler and the a/c won't have to work so hard. Plus it will block the UV rays while storing it.

We are also having solar panels installed on our roof next week. I won't be home for it, Loud noises freak my dogs out, so I am king them camping while my husband can deal with the noise and the mess.

And we are updating the kitchen. We bought new appliances a few months ago. I just bought new drawer and cabinet handles, that are waiting to be put on. Next is the new sink and counter tops.

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Mountain  Man
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You are absolutely right about the homeowner part. LOL! It sounds like you'll be busy for a while. I've often told my wife "One project at a time." but that doesn't always work. LOL!
Toni Pauze
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One always leads to another.

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