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Do you, in your deepest conscience, believe there is life on other worlds, and could they have ever visited us?


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Otis Campbell answered

Yes we are not alone.. I also beleive in reincarnation

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carlos Striker
carlos Striker commented
Would they? What makes one think we are more intelligent than they are?
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
What if, we had no soul, BUT, instead transmitted our Consciousness via Electric radio waves, that could pass through worm holes. Remaining in our same dimension but capable of traveling vast distances to spark the mind of some "Just Born" alien life form . . . in turn they do the same, sending back consciousness's from their planet . . . partition data loss (Latency) in the transmitting may be an explanation why some people only have fleeting memories of having been some place or not . . .
Now me and Z can write that screen play for our movie!
Call me Z
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You get my thinking here....and I've seen worse movies.
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Possibly, but I don't think anything would be like we expected if we did somehow find such. I don't think it would end up working out well, for either sides. Its one of those fantasy "imagine" but once you find it, more conflict  and war and problems happen.

On the one hand I dont want to disturb my boring existence, but on the other hand I would be fascinated to discover other world life.

Just so long as it doesn't end like those Alien movies. They were interesting up until they started killing.

Depends on what type of life, human life? I get to be either crazy or small minded here :) 

My question is this: Why would we lose contact when technology has only grown? If their ever was contact between them and us.

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PJ Stein answered

I do believe there is other life out there. And they may have visited. I don't think they are abducting people and performing experiments. I think if any species is advanced enough to travel through space, they can observe us without invasive procedures.

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Call me Z
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I equate your theory with a biologist observing fish in an aquarium.
The level of technological advancement needed to achieve interstellar travel and contact puts us as the fish.
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Ancient Hippy answered

I really believe there are sentient beings out there and if they are capable of visiting us, I'm sure they follow the "Prime Directive", ala Star Trek.

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Call me Z
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If other sentient species have studied us at all, they would well understand our nature and how it would become a barrier to cooperation.
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Yep, we'd shoot first and ask questions later.
Call me Z
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We are too susceptible to mob mentality and the influence of fear and distrust. Not to mention arrogance, denial and superstition.
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carlos Striker answered

I am busy arguing between my conscience and sub conscience which leaves little time to think about aliens. If they are there? They better not make contact, we humans tend to destroy everything in our path?

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Given the scale and countless settings of the universe, I am solidly convinced that other life somewhere else in the cosmos is very likely, even abundant. At present, or certainly at some time in the cosmic past.

Consider if some of the many traditionally religious beliefs of "heavenly" contacts, for instance Ezekiel's Wheel, angels and the like, were in fact not "divine" activity but early man's naive interpretations of alien encounters.

Not to give breath to any particular conspiracy theories, but given the social consequences of contravening the pervasive influences of faith in our societies, there would certainly be cause for governments to obfuscate or sequester any relevent data of this nature. Perhaps they already do. 

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Very interesting theory. I also believe that people were plagued by a multitude of hallucinations from everything from poor nutrition, to breathing in gases, or eating the wrong thing altogether . . . Any one of these hallucination could been aided by actual encounters as well . . .
Call me Z
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Ignorance can turn molehils into mountains.

I would add that drinking water in the distant past was not of any consistant quality...when it was available at all.
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Ancient One answered

Yes I believe there is life "out there". It may not conform to our definition of life and it may be in another galaxy. We are not alone.

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Tom Jackson answered

Well, I do like the concept of finding intelligent life anywhere in the universe---Earth could use an infusion of such beings---we're starting to run low.

I have never considered the possibility of life on other worlds, but I would not at all be surprised if there were and that it might turn out that a currently observed visit may indeed be a return trip.

I read Perelandra by CS Lewis in my early thirties.  It is a story of what turns out to be a very close planet, on which "creation" never fell.

Religion/God aside, it's just a wonderful concept (whether intended or not) of a race of beings that never had a "tragic fault" ("fall")

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
LOL . . . That's difficult to put religion aside when siting "The Fall" . . . but I get what your saying.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Well, the primary difference I was pointing out was that there would have been no Bible myths to deal with.

In such a situation, I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that any science investigation of their origins might be less controversial.
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Sheldon Cooper answered


And yes

Space is infinite, there must be more then us

Lots of " goldelock " planets out there ,our planet started in the oceans - there are ice planets / moons - with the same issues earth had -

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Darik Majoren answered

Given the vast amount of stars, and the possibility that those stars are in systems with gravity that hold other celestial bodies in orbit, I don't think that is too much of a stretch.

We have a pretty good "estimate" of how old the universe and how old our Earth is. There might be some planets older then ours. Where life might have started earlier. WHAT that life might be like, might be totally different then what our planet has. It would depend on the environment, amount of gravity, distance from their sun and how much protection the surface gets FROM the sun as well as how their sun burns that make up many contributing factors to a myriad of different types of life forms. Some might be like us, but have not developed intellectually enough to be able to travel off world. Some might have been around longer have an intellect, but had their sun die before they could do anything.

Remember the entire Universe, is perfect for one thing . . . Ways to kill us. It is in no way designed for our longevity . . . Any other hardships we face to explore off our world is what some other life form is experiencing as well.

Watch the movie "Life" . . . Probably Ryan Reynold's shortest role but interesting to contemplate with regards to WHAT might be the life form we find . . .

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