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What makes your eyes roll every time you see it?


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Skip Gentry answered

An elderly woman with tattoos smoking a cigarette.

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I'm with Tiger on this one. Saggy pants make me cringe.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
Remember when we were kids, and the only way you wore a Tshirt was as an undershirt?
(Lately, my husband has been leaving them out more and more.)
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
I have a buddy that's about 55 years old and he still wears Daisy Dukes and tucks his shirt in. People point and laugh.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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LOL. I'd try not to laugh. No guarantees. :P
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People who describe their age as __ years "young." First, that would technically mean that's how many years you are away from dying. It makes no sense grammatically. Secondly, while it's supposed to be a positive thing about saying you're youthful and in your prime, I always see 13 year-olds or something doing it. You are a child. Yes, you are young. A statement isn't needed.

Also, any time someone brags or mentions their IQ.

People who assume you're trying to be a certain way automatically. Someone mentions not feeling much or being sad? They're clearly trying way too hard to be edgy! I get this a lot in regards to people saying that I say big words to try to look smart with no other evidence to support that it is indeed a result of me being pretentious. I know I'm not that smart, I'm just talking how I wanna talk. I just wanna live my life. People like that just associate certain behaviors with another, which is sometimes supported and sometimes the case, but through association they disregard the evidence behind the concepts and assume it to be the case when there's no other evidence besides the result (for example, result being saying big words, which may be due to being pretentious but unless you have support for them being pretentious it could be due to absolutely anything.)

What about people who try to talk about selfishness and greed like it's a good thing? They think it means that they're ambitious or that their disregard for the group is indicative of them being rational and not letting emotions affect them. These also tend to be the people who think that success equates to wealth.

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I am not allowed to answer questions anymore.... As Walter has had to be nice for a week it's like I am taking over his blunt thoughts on stupidity! I have never had so many comments disappear even on ask.com!

Hurry up and pass this week Walter!!!!

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Yin And Yang
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Ever since that child porn guy and all the "extra" political crap one user keeps trying to stir up, it's hard to be a sweet Yin.
Ancient One
Ancient One commented
Hang in there kiddo, we understand.
Yin And Yang
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Ancient One, you are one of the ones I don't have an email address for therefore I couldnt leave for good. I have grown so attached to all of you guys. I love our little family out here. I will adjust. Plus I have some great news! I will message it. ☺

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