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what's the meaning of life?


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We determine what our life means by the way we live it.

The best meaning of life, to me, would be a life of meaning.

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That it really has little to do with you.

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Taxes and corrupt governments.

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We were made at the pleasure of The Lord Jesus Christ and are here to worship Him

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Call me Z
Call me Z commented
I, for one, am not intending to argue either, but allow me to clarify:

Your response to Walt was a bit -shall we say- Harsh. That he (or I) is an “unarmed enemy” in a battle of wits. To blindly impugn in this way is quite un-Christlike, don’t you think, Christian that you are?
I then cited the quote from Ghandi about his observation of Christians, relevent and poignant in this instance.

The larger point is, it is a serious error to underestimate the opposition.
Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall commented
I'm not going to get into an argument about that either.
I still don't understand what the quote means
Call me Z
Call me Z commented
Walt, you seeing this? You

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