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Everybody knows about Hollywood sleaze and them actors know / knew what they are getting into or at least how low they are to stoop. Why are they making so much hue and cry now as though they are like virgin marys?

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So you're saying just because they work in Hollywood as actors and actresses it's okay that they were sexually abused??

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Because a lot of them WERE virgin Mary's when they were inticed by the lure of glamour, fame and fortune! Most go to Hollywood with grandeur dreams of escaping the boring of a small town and making it big as a movie star or singer, etc. These perverts know exactly what they are doing! How dare you judge the victims like that! Would you also judge the ones who are [email protected] and don't tell because their rapist threatens to kill their mom or [email protected] their little sister?!!? Your question and assumptions make me sick!

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YoWanna  Cook
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I disagree. No means no. Nobody would willingly chose to be [email protected] or molested.
Echo Jones
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Your true colors are showing and I've come to the conclusion that you're a close minded freaking idiot.
YoWanna  Cook
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I hope he is never faced with a tragedy such as bringing him to a different conclusion about a "Wee bit consentual" or "it's a sleazy bar or Hollywood so it's implied it should happen" What if it was his mother, sister or daughter even if he could care less if it happened to him!
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Cuts and scrapes were an integral part of my childhood as a boy. 

But even the time I came down on the top tube of my bike prior to puberty did not have any long term consequences that affected the rest of my life.

Sexual aggression by another person when an individual is totally unprepared for it---either as a totally unexpected and non-consensual thing or somehow vaguely considered as an undesirable possibility vs negative career possibilities---tends to attack the core of the person and forever change him or her; and it may well require professional help to deal with it and recover.

And what one might judge as slut behavior in a previous victim might be a direct result of that spiritual and psychological assault perpetrated upon him or her at that time.

Do not equate undesired or unexpected sexual aggression and/or intercourse with the satisfying sexual experience that can occur when the hearts, minds, and bodies of two people reach out to one another.

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I love your answer! Star!
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You are right it has to be two way street. Sexual frustration or sickness is another thing. They go about coercion, take advantage of helpless situation or pure carrot waving? is norm in hollywood. Drug, booze and wild parties are the inroads.
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It seems the laws change for wealthy people. Anyone else would have their door kicked in and cuffed and stuffed into a small cell

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It does not answer my question Otis. Why do they act and behave they are holier than thou knowing fully where they have been and what they did.

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