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I think therefore I am and I feel therefore you are?


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Good question. Whatever u mean.

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You have used 2 therefore , it means there are 2 people and both are connected to eachother as because of you the other person is in existence. Which means either you are in front of a mirror or you are have some psychological disease. You need to kill Tyler by shooting youself into the mouth before he takea over you and destroy the humanity ending every human race.

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All senses come from the brain. "I think therefore I am" is what Descartes concluded,  however "I feel therefore you are"  isn't necessarily true, because most people deem the existence of another through more than one sense, people in dreams can feel very real, and in order to deem the existence of another you first have to be conscious of your own existence. Interestingly, babies believe that there are no others and that everyone is an extended part of themselves until they gain self awareness.

Other questions in relation to this would be, Can you prove the mind exists,  or can you prove consciousness exists?

See solipsism Wikipedia quote -

Descartes concluded that he could not doubt the existence of himself (the famous cogito ergo sum argument), but that he could doubt the (separate) existence of his body. From this, he inferred that the person Descartes must not be identical to the Descartes body since one possessed a characteristic that the other did not: Namely, it could be known to exist. Solipsism agrees with Descartes in this aspect, and goes further: Only things that can be known to exist for sure should be considered to exist. The Descartes body could only exist as an idea in the mind of the person Descartes. Descartes and dualism aim to prove the actual existence of reality as opposed to a phantom existence (as well as the existence of God in Descartes' case), using the realm of ideas merely as a starting point, but solipsism usually finds those further arguments unconvincing. The solipsist instead proposes that his/her own unconscious is the author of all seemingly "external" events from "reality".

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Sorry Carlos, how do your feelings prove the existence of another, not sure if I'm understanding your point :)
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Nice offering Perry.
I have often seen a number of apologetics used in regards to solipsism and the concept of "Knowing versus Believing" . . . I think you have hit on some interesting ideas here.
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And then there is this:  Neuroscientist - neurologist,  Antonio R Damasio's book Descartes' Error, clearly points out that neuroscience today has reasoned that Descartes was wrong and that "I feel; therefore I am" is far more distinctive in its description of the human condition.

Probably not the best forum to explore your comment.

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