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What am I supposed to tell my teacher? Do I talk to her about this at all? (Details in comments)


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At school, my chemistry class has laptops that students share but can can log into individually. Today I found that someone has commented bad things about the teacher in the PUBLIC class discussion area under MY name!

I don’t think many other students have seen it yet, but the teacher must have. I deleted the comments today, but the admin/teacher can still see them.

This was TWO WEEKS AGO— the teacher hasn’t brought it up to me! But she must’ve gotten email notifications, so she knows.

I don’t want her to think badly of me for something i didn’t do. And I’m so pissed at whoever typed those comments! I don’t even know if there’s a way to find out who it was. So do I bring it up to the teacher at all?

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I am not too sure what would be the wise thing to do... But if I was a teacher I would want to know what is going on with "my" equipment. If someone is being dishonest and using your name to do things under false pretenses then in my opinion that is the start of identity theft.

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You should have come forth as soon as you found out. An honest and open discussion with the teacher will (should) clear the air. Let them know you have taken steps to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD . . . And maybe even user ID if you can, so it doesn't happen again.

Also, log off when you walk away . . This will help you stay employed in your adult life. I do security audits, and a couple audits where someone didn't log off and someone else used they accounts got the person FIRED . . . Walked out on first offense.

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Thank you, and I had only found out last night. The date the comment was posted told me it was two weeks ago, and I hadn’t even known. I always make sure to click “log off”, but maybe I closed the laptop before it even had a chance to load. I’m definitely making sure to stay until it’s completely signed off next time.
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Great, and I hope all works out with you and the teacher. Be honest and forthright . . . that's all anyone can ask.
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i think you should definitely bring it up with her privately and in the most polite way and tell her all about how you feel. Tell her you didnt do it and dont know the one who did. Even though its been 2 weeks , i think its very important. If she acts confused and doesnt know, drop it if she doesnt understand but do tell her.

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Thank you, it went exactly like this. She apparently didn’t see it yet, so I was just like “ok then just saying” lol
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I would talk to her about this.

You can start off by telling he truth---that something happened 2 weeks ago that upset you and is still doing so and it's something that you need to talk with her about.

Tell her that someone posted negative comments about her under your name on the chemistry laptop, that you didn't do it, and that you need to discuss the situation with her.

You can say that while you thought that as a teacher she would know that things can be posted under someone else's name without the person whose name is attached's knowledge, and that you knew that if she thought you had posted negative things against her that she would have brought it up for discussion with you, but that you want to make absolutely sure that she knows you would never do---nor have ever done---such a thing.

And in this case don't feel bad about having waited 2 weeks to bring this up..

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Ok, thank you. I talked to her about it and she didn’t even see it yet. I wouldn’t have waited two weeks on purpose—we had one week off for thanksgiving break, and I had even realized what was posted until I logged on last night!
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I'm glad it worked out well for you.

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