I’ve missed three weeks of school and I am now to scared to go back. I’m very socially awkward and scared of what people will think when I go back . What should I do to get over this fear of what people think about me?


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Believe me, they think more about themselves than anyone else, after 5 minutes the topic of "you being away" will be old news, go back and get it over with.

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Gator is right. None of these people you go to school with will be in your life after graduation. (With very RARE exception of one maybe) You will interact with co-workers most of your life.

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Well, with age comes wisdom. While you are still in school, you haven't had enough life experience to learn what others think of you doesn't matter.  It is what you think of yourself that matters. So take the wisdom from someone who has had the life experience. It really doesn't matter what they think. Just go to school, and do your best.

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Hi there anonymous,

Does your school provide counselling services for students? Sometimes it can really help to open up to someone about the worries that are running around in our minds. Counselling sessions are also confidential, so they can be a safe space for you to freely unload the stress that is weighing on you. I can personally relate to you on feeling self-conscious of what others my age, think of me and I'm sure many people out there have been through the same thing. With time, they have also managed to overcome these fears, so know that you also definitely have it within you to do so as well! :) From my own experience, when I authentically love and accept myself just the way I am (both the good and the flaws), that is when I stop caring about how others might see me. By no means is that something I have achieved overnight. It is something that takes time and time again to cultivate. It takes lots of PRACTICE and PATIENCE. I have also failed to love myself many times - I judge myself and think negatively. But it is important not to let your failures totally discourage you from striving to improve and choosing to love yourself. What is important is continuing to forgive yourself and deciding to love yourself, after every failure. I wish you the best of luck on your self-love journey and please feel free to update us on how you go.

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I know how I I know how I survived High School I embraced my awkwardness created jokes based on myself and eventually even the bullies came to respect me

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Face your fears and go back to school God has not given us the spirit of fear but that of power love and a sound mind you can do it!

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i used this technique: Lets say you're a bit embarrassed about how your hair looks or something. You get to school, and you're on your way to class or whatever. What are you thinking about? Realistically, you're not thinking about how everyone else' hair looks, are you? AND in addition, you're not sitting there, thinking "wow his hair looks ratchet!!" are you?? I use that technique: If I wouldn't think about it for other people, is it really that likely that they care about what I look like?

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People who talk about your missing weeks at school, it's just a temporary topic for them, they dont really care about you, so you shouldn't wasting time to think what they think of you. Just be yourself dont sell yourself short.

Also, sometimes if you overthink it, every little details can be enlarged just in a second, you may misunderstood a meaningless move as an unfriendly action towards you. The ultimate way to solve this, is to pick up the course from where you left in the first place instead of worrying about what others think about it.

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Tell them that aliens abducted you! Why do you care so much what others think? One truth that I learned the hard way is that even if you please other and try making friends, no one is gonna stick around when you are in trouble. So do what you want...others can go to hell! 

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I was just like this in high school & ended up dropping out & never finishing. I’m about 30 now & it’s still the same. Believe me, it’s a lot scarier now — go back. No matter how scared you are, and I know you are, just do it. I always thought I’d figure it out some how but kept putting it off out of fear/anxiety. I know you think people notice as much as you do but they just don’t. They are too self-absorbed. They may notice that you’ve reappeared but they won’t think it’s because of anything weird or embarrassing. It’s just another day to them in their hectic lives. Good luck!

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You do not have to worry about school passes, you all can catch up with your classmates on homework with Studydaddy help with a terrific service of answers to your homework. And people who attend classes with you do not think anything unusual, it's normal and eventually everything will fall into place. I hope this helps you, do not worry.

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Hello there,

Just focus on your goals and go back no matter how scared you are. They may ask you why you were absence, but after a few days, they will not even think about it. It is highly likely that you are overthinking, and that the people will not talk about it too much.

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That's normal feeling. When I was a teenager, I often worry too much about what people think, but it's not really neccessary. You are special in your own way hotmail login Be confidient cuz you are beloved when you are yourself.

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Children between the ages of 4-6 who suffer from fear of school phobia usually have separation anxiety. They fear they might not see their mother (or a loved one) again after going to school. A negative or traumatic event (divorce of parents, death etc) at this time can also reinforce the fear of school where the mind recreates the phobic response over and over as a defense mechanism against further traumatic news.

Medications do provide much needed relief from anxiety suffered by the child; however, these should be taken only under the guidance of experts and only in very severe cases. Moreover, it is essential to note that drugs do not overcome the phobia; rather they only reduce the symptoms. It is vital that, as a parent, you are supportive to the child during this period. It is important to find out why the child is afraid of school and if needed, even speak to the teacher or the school nurse regarding the phobia.

Bring confidence in your child by teaching them things of his iterests.

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