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Does the all-too-apparent sense of entitlement, indifference to work ethic, and addiction to all things with a screen give you cause to worry about the “Millennial” generation?


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Yes it does!

I shutter to think, they are suppose to be the future.  Most of them act like the world owes them and to hell with anything that doesn’t please them. The rudest, lack of manners, most ungrateful, group of people in my life time.

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Yes, self absorbed, and unable to use their own mind or skills. How many even know how to entertain themselves without one? How many can read a map, total dependence like an addiction. Also, the EMF and RF is almost impossible to side step anymore, all phone masts, mobile phone masts, Television,  radio, wi-fi, microwaves, smart meters and smart technology one on this planet has never been exposed to this amount, and I am wondering what the health complications of this will be in 15-20 years time. and the world health organisation recognise RF as a possible 2B carcinogenic on the basis of reports of specific cancerous tumours linked directly to mobile phone use, RF is in use far more now even made complusory by utility companies, now and so we can no longer control our exposure in our own homes which is very worrying.

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It's concerning to me Don that these adverts for smart meters mention nothing about the breaches in privacy and security which are already documented fom 2009 in Puerto Rico since then Spain, Holland, Germany, have also had smart meters hacked , the number of large ransom attacks that have already taken place in hospitals, car makers, etc. The government security specialists have warned about this continuely, they can steal your data, cut off all electric and gas and demand ransom, cause the meters to explode, the list goes on, never mind the privacy rights breach, on top of which NO tests from the RF from smart meters are carried out on live subjects (animals) before installation into our homes.
Perry Nuttal
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In fact there is very little testing and of course no long term data on the accumulative RF that exists already, yet they are forcing them into every home in the developed countries, and testing them as they are "rolled out en masse" hence we are the test subjects which is against the Nurumberg code. The IARC and WHO class RF radiation including smart meters as a 2B carcinogen, and this was based on thousands of studies carried out on RF mainly mobile phones as that has the longest data record of 15 years and a specific brain cancer is associated with it. However other studies of RF radiation including low frequency show results of liver, heart, brain, cancer, along with lowered melatonin, heat absorption changed atoms in the body the list goes on. I can't get my utility company to remove mine which are inside my home, they were there when I moved in and I didn't know. So despite not being mandatory (lawful) they are treated that way, and the utility companies are not covered for liable over RF radiation.
Any other RF radiating product you can choose to purchase and its usage is under your own CHOICE, and as such the companies give safety information and omitt liability, however with smart meters our choice is removed they are forcing RF exposure on us 24/7. Worse to come as well from the 5G frequencies, Canadians are already suffering health wise but being ignored. This global government is orwellian.
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To be honest with you Don... I am (so far) the "hide my head in the sand" kind of person. I do know that for my own kids, we are teaching them how to survive without the constant need of electronics. They all will learn how to hand write, send a letter snail mail, pay a bill NOT online, use a land line, know what a radio is, use a CB radio sometime, read a real map, know how to find a book in a library, have an actual face to face conversation with a live person, and drive a car... No way will I let them have a self driving car without them knowing how to drive it first!

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Toni Pauze
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They would die!!
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I'll admit... when the internet goes out here I fall into that category in a way. Mine is more like "can someone get the number for so and so internet service? I'm gonna call to see what is going on." I respond sure and pick up the phone forgetting I can't look something up with out the internet. Do they even make a phone book yellow pages anymore?
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Actually, Don, I'd be happy if some of the people who post answers on answermug would take the time to first google the subject of the question they are about to answer.
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Yup.  Face to face social skills are going downhill and fast.

Saw a family at a restaurant waiting for their meal. Mother, father and each child... All with their heads down typing away on their phones. Ignoring each other instead of being engaged in conversation with each other.

So sad !

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