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Is today your day? It is September 13th National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day, National Peanut Day, and Uncle Sam Day.


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When you allow the kids to take over the kitchen it can be fun for the whole family or it can be a total horrifying (LOL) experience. I like a few peanuts now and then but I know folks who would die from peanut dust.  Uncle Sam the war's Pinup Boy.

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Okay, I'm in.  I love kids, peanuts, and Uncle Sam.  But if the kids take over the kitchen, they had better clean it up!  :)

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I don't care who it is or what else the day consists of! COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄 Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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No kids in my kitchen !  Been there done that. Too old to clean up! All the rest I’m good for. In fact I boiled peanuts last night!

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Yin And Yang
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Boiled peanuts? What does that do?
Toni Pauze
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Yin, you take green peanuts fresh from harvest. Wash really well. Place in water add salt to taste let boil for hour or two and eat. Nothing like a fresh boiled peanut. Yummy 😋

Or you can place them on a cookie sheet place in oven on very low heat and bake them. Takes a long time to do.
Yin And Yang
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WOW!!!! Now I have another thing to try when I stop by for a hug and a Georgia peach! ☺
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Well, here it means you need to arrange a day off before it comes. I'll call friends from college to walk! And I trust all home robots to professional study daddy tutors from I think it will be a great weekend for 4 days, is not it?

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