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If you have house plants what's the longest you've ever kept one alive?


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In 1982 a friend of mine gave me a sweetheart plant, I still have it.

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I bought a small sago palm that was in a 4 inch pot while living in Virginia around 2004. It moved with us too many times to count. A couple of times it had one very sad looking frond. I  repotted it a couple of times. It made the move back to Florida. Somehow with the remodel it made it outside along the side of house forgotten. While cleaning up the yard, I found it. It was thriving! I repotted it one more time. Still thriving when we moved again. That move was supposed to be our last move. I planted out in the front flower bed. It was over 3 feet across. As far as I know it is still there doing well.

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I kept an Aloe Vera plant alive for many years. My sister gave me a sad looking baby that came off of her plant. So I named it and it thrived. I think I lost him when we lost most of our stuff back in 2011.

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Skip  Gentry
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What did you name him?
Yin And Yang
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This was before the world went "politically correct." The plant she picked off for me was the puniest one. So when she handed it to me she said "here is the gayest one." Lol! I named him "Gay." Gay ended up growing bigger then his mama! 😆
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A thousand years ago I purchased a souvenir castus plant, about three inches tall, for $1 at a roadside stand in Arizona. Ten years later it died in a house fire. It was well over five feet tall with three branches.

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Well, I am not very good at gardening though I love keeping
plants and flowers. Sometimes, when I am having a really busy week, I tend to
forget about them. However, I have an Aloe Vera one for quite a while and I
have some succulents that one of my friends gifted me last year.

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