Meg Thomas

Hi, I have trouble sleeping. I can not sleep enough. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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mohammad mahmoudi Profile

I have some ways to fix it !

1.Drink a cup of Green Tea a few hours before the  bed

2.stay away from your digital devices a few hours before the bed

3.try to wake up earlier and sleep earlier (little by little ) It's healthy to sleep around 10-11 and wake up around 6-7 am

4.try to sleep in a darker place and trun off all of the lights

5.let tet fresh air come into your room

6.avoid stress and read a nice book before sleeping

7.before sleeping think about good memories and try to forget bad memories

8.have some prayers (if you believe in those things )!

9.ِDrink chamomile tea (It's very common in my country people drink if they have some sleeping problmes )

Hope you can fix that ,hope i could help

Moly Titan Profile
Moly Titan answered

First, air your room half an hour before bedtime. Drink only herbal teas, stop sitting a lot at the phone or computer - your eyes will not hurt. And change your bed and bedding accessories to more comfortable ones. I really love my blanket  with which I started to sleep much better. Love your dream and take care of it. Good sleep is the key to a good day.

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Stay away from Caffeine so many hours before bedtime and get off of your computer early , get off your cell phone, tablets all technology been known to stimulate the brain and make people develop insomnia.

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PJ Stein answered

Perhaps stop spamming sites. The guilt must be getting to you and affecting your sleep. 

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Taila Nevado answered

Well, try to find out what is causing this. Are you stressed
about something? If yes, find a remedy to the situation. You can have some
relaxing tea and avoid using your mobile phone or laptop for at least thirty
minutes before going to bed. Try not to sleep during the afternoon and wake up

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