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Are free range eggs healthier than caged eggs?


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Not only is the cage egg system unhealthy for the birds, the products from it that we consume are less healthy than the alternatives. Because the hens cannot eat a range of foods, the resultant eggs have fewer nutrients than free-range or organic eggs, including lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Yes free ranged eggs are better for you to eat , might cost like $4.99 a dozen but in long run your getting more healthier eggs to eat, yes i eat organic foods like bananas and never had a problem , organic is better for us by long run.  The link tells you why

7 Reasons Not to Eat Cage Eggs ( link below)

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Yes , no matter how we look at it , Free Range Eggs are Healthier for you , if you got Hens in a Cage and not walking around they are closed in , they are not eating a Healthy diet like they should.
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How does one differentiate?

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Darren's link does point out the possible differences that exist between the nutrition contained in each type of egg, but what you apparently really want to know is whether the differences are significant enough that you might want to switch to free range and pay their higher price.

These results add to the existing scientific evidence that the nutritional content of an egg is the same regardless of color or how the hens are raised.  The notable exception is hens that are provided nutritionally-enhanced feed, which does result in higher concentrations of certain nutrients within the egg.

And here's that link:

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