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It's called Beautiful Minds. It's not done yet, but there are two ways to find it. It's on Wattpad and on My wattpad is linked to my Facebook (I don't add people idk in real life, but there's a page for it if you're interested!) and my username there is AnsleeDoyal, then my fictionpress … Read more

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It was a dark and stormy night. Nothing could be seen except for little twinkles from rain drops, coming down at an angle from the glow of the moon. This Cheshire cat moon was reflecting off of a hidden lake. You could hear wild life scurrying in the distance desperate to find shelter. Other noises … Read more

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  There is no real evidence that Shakespeare did anything else other than turn up in London, in 1592, already well known as a playwright, which he compounded by the writing of Richard 111.
    He was supposed to have sailed around the world for 4 years with Drake, and supposed to have been … Read more