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Thanks guys--the good news is the fire seems to be moving away from where I live, the bad news is that it's now moving toward communities in Riverside County. Even worse, the fire was apparently started by an arsonist who bragged about it in a text message.
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I live in Coto de Caza; the Holy Fire is burning only about 6 miles from our house!

I'm hoping they get contained as quickly as possible.

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Well, they never let me join anyway because I was under 18. I had a feeling it wouldn't last, though. It's too bad because I haven't really found a good replacement site. I joined this site for teens but it sucks. I'm like a homeless person on the internet :P

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I think people need to think about the consequences of the things they say.

People talk about rights but not about responsibilities. People don't own what they say. They just pass blame off onto someone else. 

They don't understand that "free speech" doesn't mean "say whatever you want whenever you want with no consequences whatsoever". The 1st … Read more