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I used Emu Oil for skin care. I applied it on the daily basis and massage it on my face. It can also be applied on hairs. Emu oil is an excellent natural emulsifier. It can create a perfect oil-water mixture that can penetrate the surface level of our skin and hair easily without leaving … Read more

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To deal with skin sacrs issue, simply steam your face before going to bed to clean whatever residues are left after removing the makeup. And use Melblok Professional Cleansing Emulsion that gently and easily cleans away skin surface impurities like dirt clogged in pores, dust, loose dead skin and even the … Read more

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Some of the best skin lightening creams in the market today, thus, work by making skin discoloration less prominent. These creams usually contain active ingredients such as hydroquinone and steroids that help reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin. Hydroquinone is among the most widely used, FDA-regulated skin lightening ingredient in the U.S.

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Treatments for  Acne:

  1. Water: Drink lots of water, at least 3–4 liters daily. Water keeps skin hydrated and remove all kinds of impurities that tend to become clogged inside pores.
  2. Vitamin E: There is a reason why vitamin E is often referred to as beauty vitamin. It is an antioxidant that helps neutralizes the harmful UV rays … Read more
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Effective Treatment For Acne Scars Problem

If there is something that creates the first impression on others, it is, can doubt, your lovely and exquisite face. However, the acne scars can spoil the real impression of your face and confine you beauty within a certain limit. If such is the matter with … Read more

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While some skin problems are fixable through home remedies and simple hacks, for more serious problems such as acne or pigmentation, you need more than that. Acne is a deep rooted problem that requires a high-performance skincare solution, such as Melblok Home Kit Advanced. Bundling dedicated products for day and night, … Read more

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Unhealthy lifestyle choices, bad genes, excess exposure to UV rays, and allergies are some reasons that can result in the skin problem.

Hyperpigmentation can impact a person’s overall appearance, often resulting in self-esteem issues. If you are suffering from the problem, consult a skin specialist immediately. While pigmentation is not a medical condition, it may be … Read more