Maurice Korvo
Maurice Korvo answered hello itsmeadele's question

because we use a grounded system, the electricity will take the shortest route to the ground. Salt water is a good conductor, you are not, so the electricity will go through the water to the ground. This would also cause the fuses and circuit breakers to open the circuit.  You would only be in danger … Read more

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Spencer White's question

If you are detecting amps, you have current flowing in the circuit. 

And in a parallel circuit, the current in each branch is determined by the resistance in that branch.

I don't want to guess at what you are trying to find out.

Ray  Dart
Ray Dart answered Sven Verhaeghe's question

A conventional battery can be used time and again to do that.

On a survival course many years ago, on Romney Marsh. We were given a old torch battery and some wire wool  and expected to start a fire. It worked, along with some burned fingers.

I guess you are more likely to be carrying tinfoil … Read more