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There are a great many forums out there, that have all sorts of Auto tips, and specialists that frequent them. My suggestion is to seek them out, since we are more of a generalized QA place and this seems ver specific and specialized.

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If you are drawing a circuit on a piece of paper, it would probably look like it would work.

On the other hand, if it's an extension cord it's stranded and not solid core wire. And the amount of flexing it would have to do while you mow your lawn would tend to weaken some of … Read more

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Usually can pull off or un bolt a timing belt cover to inspect a timing belt. Look for cracks or rubber gone this means the timing belt is old and needs to be replaced.if its a four cylinder replacing a belt is somewhat easy. A v6 is tricky i know i did one on a … Read more

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I have wondered if certain "mechanics" were dishonest and/or actually "fixed" something in the vehicle ESPECIALLY when I take it in for one thing sayyyyyyyy an oil change and then suddenly they say this and that is wrong with it and they already have a price in their mind! Pure evil sales tactics! This is … Read more

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Hubby says no. Depends on how easy the timing belt covers are to take off. You must be able to visually see the timing belt. He says in most cases its best to assume that it has not been done. If you can give me your cars year, make, model and engine size he can … Read more

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If your car is usually parked in a garage or otherwise sheltered from the elements,waxing it twice a year should be enough to protect the paint finish. But if your car is frequently exposed to snow, rain, road salt or even just spends most of the time outdoors, it probably should be waxed every three … Read more