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Hm... Haunting a few beautiful women while they're in the shower doesn't sound too bad haha lol jk

Wait, do ghosts even have standards and ethics against that?!

Idk, I could probably use my spiritness for good. Trip some bullies, pull their pants down in front of the entire school, write "homosexical" on the backs of their … Read more

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I don't know maybe that's something you could speak about to your doctor or other sufferers. Unfortunately, there are many people that get their kicks out of being nasty online, the anonymity serves as a mask to allow a extremely horrid side to them to come out. In that instance you have to ignore them, … Read more

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Not necessarily. Many people without schizophrenia also do this, though you can't say that schizophrenia won't affect it. If this tendency causes you trouble, I recommend talking to a therapist or councilor about it.

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In his book Believing in Magic—The Psychology of Superstition, Professor Stuart A. Vyse warns: “Superstition could lead to diminished quality of life if one spends large sums of money on psychics, fortunetellers, numerologists, or Tarot-card readers, or if one’s superstitious rituals help to maintain problem gambling.” Allowing superstition to rule our lives can have far … Read more

Darik Majoren
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The same way you can tell if they are a Vampire or a Leprechaun . . . It starts with an absence of rational thought, and an influx of naivety and superstitious nonsense. 

You can go ahead and hold up Wolfsbane to them though . . Just for your piece of mind.

Darik Majoren
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IT is not only widely accepted as Scientific Fact, but it and genetics are used to base most of the modern healthcare for your medical interactions . . .

We are from an evolved species RELATED (Close cousins) to bonobos and chimpanzees.